car port

Each carport is constructed with either 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized square tubing, 29-gauge steel panels and bracing on every post for more stability. Our carports are the perfect solution to cover your vehicle, lawnmower, firewood or equipment that needs to be protected from the weather.

United Metal Buildings manufactures three different roof styles that can be customized to your specific needs at an affordable price:

Regular Style (Good)

This style comes with our standard rounded frame, horizontal paneled roof and L-shaped trim on each end for a better appearance. This is our most economic design available and is recommended for structures no more than 31 feet long.

A-Frame Horizontal Style (Better)

Provides a traditional peak style look without compromising the design of your home. Roof panels will run lengthwise (side to side) with boxed eave trim for a finished look.

A-Frame Vertical Style (Best)

This style is designed with your traditional peak structure with roof panels running vertically, the A-Frame vertical is engineered for areas with heavy snow and high precipitation, making this the best, strongest and most maintenance-free option available.

13 Colors To Choose From

Hawaiian Blue

Barn Red


Forest Green

Bright White

Light Stone

Pebble Beige

Mocha Tan



Pewter Gray

Zinc Gray


Our Service Area

Our expansive service area includes areas highlighted in green: all of Wisconsin and Indiana, the vast majority of Illinois and Iowa and portions of Missouri and Minnesota. Areas highlighted in yellow can be serviced for an additional fee. We do not have dealers in Indiana, so all metal buildings will need to be ordered online directly from us using the online builder.

Summer Sale!

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On buildings 12-30 feet wide: *15% off buildings priced at $7,000 or more* *7% off buildings priced at $7,000 or less* On buildings 32-60 feet wide: *10% off all truss style buildings* Contact your local dealer for details.

Win this brand-new Dodge Challenger GT; or 100% building reimbursement AND $5,000 cash!

Order by 5pm CST July 3, 2023 to be entered!

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