Authorized Dealers

Why purchase with an authorized dealer?

On many occasions the customer lets himself go by the great promotions that can be in the internet, and forgets the importance of making sure who is selling them the building. Main points to ask or think about before purchasing a building would be who is the Manufacture, who will install the building, and who will be liable for the warranties. Also, if you are not dealing with an authorized dealer that is backed up from the main manufacturer you are risking quality on the building’s product, customer services, and in some cases up to losing your deposit.

Here are some reasons why you should always buy with an authorized dealer:

  • Reputation and Transparency
    Our authorized dealers are all locally owned and operated with a great trajectory and a great reputation and count with several of our displays to offer their customers transparency on price, materials, and the company that they represent.
  • Experience:
    Our authorized dealers have great knowledge of all our buildings and are always striving to help their customers to provide them with the best price and best solution for selecting the right building according to their needs and budget.
  • Support:
    If you may have any type of problem with our product, our authorized dealers have direct communication with the manufacturer to take care of the issue as soon as possible.

At United Metal Buildings we count on many authorized dealers in all our States, except Indiana, that we service. They all count on the right tools to minimize any errors and guarantee that the customer experiences a positive and secure process in the purchase of their building. The customer will also have the advantage of having a direct face-to-face service to ensure a great price and good quality of the product and avoiding processing fees.

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